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Rak Varoyaw

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The Rak Varoyaw is a Kroot Warsphere. It has traveled throughout the galaxy, offering the services of the Kroot as mercenaries, explorers, and hunters to many different races, including human colonies, Londaxi, Asuryani, T'au, and Demiurg. It has been voyaging successfully for a long time, and many of the Kroot who call it home have never been to Pech or other Kroot enclaves.[1a][1b]

Recently, it was among first ships to reach the space hulk Gallowdark after its most recent emergence from the immaterium. Farstalker Kinbands immediately deployed to attempt to loot any material wealth or genetic traits they could from the ancient space hulk and its denizens. However, the arrival of the Imperial Navy War Group Alpha-VII of Battlefleet Nemesys drove the Warsphere away; the Kroot were not willing to risk their home in a void battle against a superior foe. The retreat of the Rak Varoyaw left several Kinbands stranded aboard the Gallowdark, who soon came into conflict not only with the Imperial Navy Breacher squads deployed to the space hulk, but also the inhabitants of the Gallowdark itself.[1a]