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Chapter Master Raldoron.[7]

Raldoron was the First Captain[1] of the Blood Angels Legion, Chapter Master of the Protectors[2], and Equerry to the Primarch Sanguinius during the Great Crusade and the Horus Heresy. He was chosen as First Captain because of his adaptable command style, something in sharp contrast with Azkaellon, Commander of the Sanguinary Guard[1a], and because he knew the hearts and minds of the battle-brothers of the IX Legion.[1b] He was also regarded as one of the most formidable warriors of the Legiones Astartes, compared with the likes of fellow First Captains Ezekyle Abaddon of the Luna Wolves/Sons of Horus, Sigismund of the Imperial Fists, and Jago Sevatarion of the Night Lords.[5] Following the Heresy, Raldoron became the first Chapter Master of the Blood Angels.[6]


Raldoron is challenged by Gendor Skraivok during the Siege of Terra[10]

Raldoron was present for the joint Blood Angels/Luna Wolves campaign against the Nephilim on Melchior. Following the battle, Raldoron discovered Brother Alotros had fallen to the Red Thirst and become "lost", he immediately informed his Primarch. Sanguinius went to deal with Alotros himself, but when he emerged, Horus Lupercal was with him, meaning that the Primarch of the Luna Wolves had discovered the secret of the lost. After exchanging harsh words with Azkaellon, Raldoron ordered Apothecary Meros of Captain Furio's Ninth Company to oversee the extraction of Alotros's progenoid glands, then ordered him to never speak a word of what had happened here.[1a]

Raldoron later accompanied Sanguinius with Captain Thoros to Nikaea, for the great council the Emperor of Mankind called for following the Ullanor Triumph.[2] While present, he participated in the questioning of Kasper Hawser, along with fellow First Captain Calas Typhon of the Death Guard, Captain-General Constantin Valdor of the Adeptus Custodes, and Primarchs Leman Russ of the Space Wolves and Fulgrim of the Emperor's Children.[3] In the aftermath of the Emperor issuing the Edict of Nikaea, Raldorn shared words with Captain Amit of the Fifth Company, who disagreed with the Edict, and warned Amit that his words bordered on courting censure.[1a]

Raldoron would later accompany Sanguinius when the Blood Angels, Luna Wolves, and Emperor's Children brought about the compliance of One-Forty-Twenty, also known as Murder.[4a] He later participated in the diplomatic mission to the Interex, and later presented Warmaster Horus with cause as to why the Imperium should make war on the Interex.[4b]

Raldoron later participated in the joint Blood Angels/Alpha Legion compliance of the Kayvas Belt, exterminating Orks left over from the Ullanor Crusade.[1c] Following the successful action, Chaplain Tanus Kreed and Captain Uan Harox of the Word Bearers brought the Blood Angels a command by Warmaster Horus to re-cleanse the Signus Cluster of the Nephilim, who had been presumed extinct.[1d] Horus claimed that the Blood Angels were heading to the Cluster because the Nephilim had technology that could help with those suffering from the Red Thirst,[1e] stopping only long enough to pick up a Space Wolves kill-team under the command of Helik Redknife.[1e] In reality, the Blood Angels were lead into a trap of Horus and Erebus's devising to be corrupted into the service of Chaos, facing daemons lead by the Keeper of Secrets Kyriss and the Bloodthirster Ka'Bandha. After the Red Tear crashed on Signus Prime, Sanguinius called a meeting of the Council of Angels. When Captain Amit voiced his belief that Horus had betrayed them, Redknife revealed his team's purpose had been to execute Sanguinius if he strayed from the Emperor's will, revealing that Magnus and the Thousand Sons had already broken the Edict of Nikaea. Raldoron was left speechless by the revelation, but Sanguinius ordered all doubt set aside and demanded the assembled Blood Angels swear an oath of moment in blood to destroy Kyriss. Raldaron and Azkaellon were the first to remove their gauntlets and draw blood.[1f]

With preparations for the assault completed, Raldaron reported to Sanguinius on the state of their intelligence, showing that all six settlements reported by the colonial census agency vanished without even ruins remaining, and only a single structure, the Cathedral of the Mark, present. With Sanguinius admitted that Horus had been distant lately and that it was possible he might have sent Sanguinius to Signus Prime to prevent him from stopping a potential rebellion, Raldaron was left shaken, wondering who would join the Warmaster if it came to schism.[1g] After Sanguinius was injured by Ka'Bandha, Raldoron ordered the Blood Angels to fall back to the Red Tear's landing site. However, the Blood Angels were being driven to a killing rage by the Chaotic influence. Mkani Kano, Raldoron's adjutant in the First Company and a former Librarian, revealed that he had gathered some of his brothers in secret, as they had been having visions of a Red Angel. He also revealed that one of the survivors found by Captain Dar Nakir and Meros, Tyllian Niobe, was a Pariah, able to remove psychic influence.[1g] Taking Meros and Veteran Sergeant Orexis' squad, Raldoron lead a kill-team to remove Kyriss and Ka'Bandha and stop the Blood Angels from falling to the Red Thirst, picking Meros' brothers in Squad Cassiel and Warden Yason Annellus.[1h] While on the way, they found Helik Redknife's squad, killed by Blood Angels.[1i] Raldoron and the others made their way to Ka'Bandha and Kyriss' sanctum, where they discovered what was fueling the ragefire: the tortured soul of Tagas, Captain of the 111th Company and one of Raldoron's closest brothers, believed killed on Murder.[1j] Raldoron managed to kill Harox, but was nearly killed by Ka'Bandha, when Sanguinius returned, having been revived by the Librarians.[1k] When Kyriss proposed that Sangiunius take the Ragefire into himself, Raldoron urged his Primarch not to do so, but Meros allowed himself to be taken instead, temporarily freeing the Blood Angels of the Red Thirst.[1l] Following the battle, Captain Amit revealed to Raldoron that he had been the one who killed the Space Wolves, but Azkaellon, who had already lied to the Primarch saying that they were killed by the daemons, swore them both to secrecy, as Sanguinius' nobility would compel him to take full blame from Leman Russ, and with the Imperium facing civil war, the Adeptus Astartes needed unity.[1m]

Raldoron accompanied Sanguinius to Macragge, taking part in the Imperium Secundus administration and acting as his Primarch's confidant. During the journey through the Ruinstorm to Terra, Raldoron fought alongside Sanguinius at Pyrrhan and Davin.[9] During the Battle of Beta-Garmon Raldoron helped Sanguinius reorganize the failing war effort, though ultimately the loyalists were defeated.[9]

During the Siege of Terra, Raldoron was placed in command of the loyalist defenses at the Helios Gate of the Imperial Palace. Serving alongside Imperial Fists Captain Maximus Thane, during the traitor assault on the Helios Gate he personally bested acting Night Lords commander Gendor Skraivok in battle.[10] Later during the defense of Colossi Gate, Raldoron fought alongside Jaghatai Khan, Constantin Valdor, and Marshal Aldana Agathe against the Death Guard and hordes of Daemons.[1] During the final teleportation assault aboard the Vengeful Spirit, Raldoron and his 1st Company veterans accompanied Sanguinius alongside the Sanguinary Guard.[12] However Raldoron and the other Blood Angels became separated from Sanguinius as his father went to face Horus. Instead, the warriors found themselves assailed by madness within the manifesting Inevitable City.[13]

Sensing the death of Sanguinius, Raldoron fell into the madness of the Black Rage which erupted amongst the ranks of the Blood Angels. He and his fellow berserk warriors attacked both traitors under Abaddon and loyalists led by Valdor and Dorn.[14a] The madness eventually passed, and an ashamed and confused Raldoron and the scant dozen surviving Blood Angels accompanied Dorn, Valdor, and the other survivors back to the Imperial Palace with the bodies of the Emperor and Sanguinius.[14b] Raldoron later led a funeral service for Sanguinius alongside Azkaellon, Satel Aimery, and perhaps 500 surviving Blood Angels.[14c]

Following the Horus Heresy, Raldoron succeeded Sanguinius as the new Master of the Blood Angels (no longer a Legion, but now a Chapter) and brought his mortal remains back to the Fortress-Monastery of Baal after the Battle of Terra.[6]


While not particularly gregarious or outgoing,[1n] Raldoron was skilled at reading the hearts and minds of his battle-brothers, which is why Sanguinius chose him as First Captain.[1a] Raldoron's command style was also extremely fluid and adaptable, allowing him to change with the circumstances of battle.[1b]

Raldoron held great disdain for the Night Lords, viewing them as an evil legion even before the Heresy.[10]


Raldoron possessed a suit of Mark IV Power Armour, which he kept excellently maintained, but which seemed plain compared to that worn by Sanguinius and the Sanguinary Guard, though he did possess ornate pauldrons and a winged armlet for rare occasions.[1g] In combat he utilized a Power Sword known as the Encarmine Warblade and Bolt Pistol.[1i] He also wielded a set of combat blades which were still on display in the Regio Quinquaginta-Unus by M41.[8]


Raldoron Miniature

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