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Ramius Stele

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Ramius Stele was an Inquisitor Lord of the Ordo Hereticus. Once a loyal servant of the Emperor, Stele turned from his light to seek out forbidden knowledge to deepen his understanding of the Warp. He soon fell under the sway of Chaos, and through his experiments he caused the destruction of the Hive world Orilan.[1]

Later, Stele made a pact with the Daemon Lord Malfallax in a plan to subvert the Blood Angels to Chaos Undivided to join the 13th Black Crusade. Using Arkio as a figurehead, he spun a lie that had all but the most devout of Blood Angels believing that he was Sanguinius reborn. The intervention of Rafen however, disrupted the scheme; and Stele died when Malfallax manifested through his body and used it as a host for the daemon's monstrous form.[Needs Citation]

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