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Rapid Insertion Force

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The Rapid Insertion Force is a specialized Hunter Cadre employed by the Tau Empire.


This formation is designed around speed, surprise and stealth, using a lethal combination of Stealthsuits and Crisis Battlesuits. This force is often tasked with the swift elimination of a key enemy formation, with the Stealthsuits acting as spotters to bring down heavy firepower in the form of Battlesuits. It can also be used as a means of quickly securing and holding an area until the arrival of additional Fire Caste forces. Like the rest of the Tau military, the RIF is designed around fighting a battle through mobility and firepower, rather than through attrition.[1]


Each RIF revolves around its Stealthsuit team, which moves ahead of the main formation to infiltrate the most advantageous position. Once the signal is given, the reserve force of three to five Crisis Battlesuit teams deploy from a sub-orbital Manta to engage the enemy in quick, brutal combat. The Stealth team further acts as a rearguard in case the unit is forced to retreat.[1]