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Raptor (Raven Guard)

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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the the proto-Astartes. For other uses of Raptor, see Raptor (disambiguation).

Raptors were proto-astartes of the Raven Guard legion during the Horus Heresy. [1a]


The Raptors were a meld of regular Astartes and Primarch DNA found by Corax on Terra. They were stronger, faster, and tougher than regular Marines, even Veterans.[1a]

The Raptors' first official engagement was on the moon called Cruciax which was a Word Bearer monitoring station.[1b] The Raven Guard discovered and fought the mutated Word Bearers and destroyed the outpost with Melta Bombs.[1a]

Word of this reached the ears of Omegon, twin primarch of the Alpha Legion, whom had been laying dormant on Kiavahr below stirring up a rebellion amongst the tech guilds, and he sprung into action. The rebellion and even the Alpha Legionnaires supporting it were a distraction, while the Raven Guard were caught off guard, Omegon and several Alpha Legion operatives managed to covertly spike the gene tech with a daemon blood poison (while managing to keep the pure technology for themselves) using the Raven Guard gene-seed to produce deformed monsters. The battle finally began as the first Raven Guard recruits to receive the secretly spiked gene seed were implanted, and by the time it raged into the gene labs of Ravendelve, only to be met by deformed warriors created by the spiked gene seed's effects. While deformed, these astartes still fought with otherworldly strength, overpowering even the Alpha Legion Astartes.[1x]

Following the Battle of Ravendelve and the corruption of the Raptors, Corax decided to end the program. However, the surviving Raptors, despite their mutations, were given full honours and still given the chance to fight for their Legion.[1x] After the mutated Raptors were discovered by a force of Space Wolves, a crisis erupted between the two sides and Navar Hef led a massacre of them. The Raptors later nearly gave their life in the desperate last stand at Yarant III, but the in the end Corax refused to sacrifice them.[2]

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