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Words of Blood (Anthology)

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Words of Blood
Author Dan Abnett, Andy Chambers, Ben Counter, Jonathan Curren, Simon Jowett, Graham McNeill, Gav Thorpe
Editor Christian Dunn and Marc Gascoigne
Publisher Black Library
Released 2002
Pages 212

Words of Blood is a compilation of short stories set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe edited by Christian Dunn and Marc Gascoigne. It was first published in 2002.


Words of Blood

Author: Ben Counter

Commander Athellenas and 30 Space Marines of Black Templars are all that stand in the way of a traitorous army devoted to the Blood God. Having less bolter rounds than there are enemies upon which to use them, Athellenas attempts to put into a motion a plan that requires his troops to follow his orders to the letter, no matter how distasteful they may find them.


Raptor Down

Author: Gav Thorpe

The commander of an Imperial air sortie is faced with the choice of obeying his orders and carrying out his original mission, or straying from his flightpath and potentially saving the whole war-effort, but at the cost of his career.

Chains of Command

Author: Graham McNeill

On the world of Thracia, warriors from the Ultramarines 4th Company engage with traitor forces, including members of the Night Lords Legion. Amidst the combat at Bridge Two-Four, Veteran Sergeant Uriel Ventris learns that victory may be accomplished without following the Codex Astartes...though at a costly price.

Loyalty's Reward

Author: Simon Jowett

Mikhail Kravi, notorious ganger, discovers the grim realities of faith and just reward in the Imperium of Man when his path crosses over that of cult-worship and the Inquisition...

Deus ex Mechanicus

Author: Andy Chambers

Naogeddon is a Dead World. Lakius Danzager, Adept of the Tech-Priests of Mars, comes to wish it were even deader still after his Explorator team unearths what can only be a Necrontyr tomb and manages to awaken its guardians. If this wasn't enough to make Danzager wish he was somewhere else, he begins to suspect that not everything is as it seems and that someone in his group may be playing a game of deception.


Author: Jonathan Curren

Suspicious deaths in an Adeptus Mechanicus research facility trigger the arrival of not one, but two agents of the Inquisition. Can they put aside their differences, both personal and profession to root out the seed of heresy?

Missing in Action

Author: Dan Abnett

A tale of Inquisitor Eisenhorn. An investigation into serial murders possibly connected to a Chaos cult leads Eisenhorn into both personal danger and a tragic realisation.


Author: Gav Thorpe

There's no prison in the whole Imperium that can hold Kage of the Last Chancers, is there?

Ork Hunter

Author: Dan Abnett

Corporal Ondy Scalber of the Jopall Indentured Squadrons finds himself assigned to the Armageddon Ork Hunters as 'skinbait' and discovers that there's all sorts of ways to die...and live...out in the Green.

Business as Usual

Author: Graham McNeill

Snowdog gets slightly more than he bargained for when a deal goes wrong in the depths of the Underhive.


by Ben Counter

Samiel is supposed to be bad luck. The only survivor from the crew of a destroyed Leman Russ Battle Tank, his new ride, the Exterminator variant Deixio couldn't get tainted by that luck... and even if it could, there's no possible way Samiel could survive two tanks blowing up under him... right?

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