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Rath Sturm

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Rath Sturm is a Cadian Colonel[1], who is a veteran of Armageddon[2a] and also survived the destruction of his Homeworld, during the 13th Black Crusade[1].


When Cadia was invaded, Sturm was a Captain[2a] in the Cadian 94th, 'Brothers of Death' Regiment, which was assigned to the Imperial forces defending Kasr Myrak. However once the Kasr's defenses were breached, the forces of Chaos invaded in a never ending tide that overran its Imperial defenders[2b]. Soon Kasr Myrak was turned into ruins and Sturm took command of six hundred Imperial survivors as they struggled to survive the Kasr's fall. Hordes of Cultists and Traitor Guard still hunted for Imperial forces however and from their hidden base, Captain Sturm led the survivors in hunting for supplies and killing any of the invaders when they could. This came to an end though, when their base was discovered and attacked by the Chaos forces. The survivors fought bravely, but they were outnumbered and Sturm was forced to order a retreat. The forces of Chaos now had their scent however and the dwindling survivors were forced to repeatedly run for their lives[2c]. Eventually only Sturm and twenty four others still lived, who became cornered with no chance of escape. As they were attacked though, a massive explosion occurred and completely leveled, Kasr Myrak. Sturm, the Whiteshield Arminka Lesk and the Guardsman Taavi were able to pull themselves from the rubble, but only they remained alive. Though they did not know it[2d], Abaddon the Despoiler had just killed Cadia by sending the remains of his Blackstone Fortress plunging into the Fortress World's surface. Its impact had begun Cadia's destruction and the Imperial forces began to evacuate the Fortress World.[2e]

Sturm and the others knew nothing about this, and though the Chaos forces hunting them were dead, they were unsure of what to do next. Their decision was made for them though, when the dead suddenly rose and attacked the trio. As they began to be swarmed, Guardsmen Taavi fell beneath the dead's claws and Sturm and Lesk were forced to jump into a river to escape[2d]. Though they manage to evade the dead, Daemons began to appear everywhere as they emerged from the river. Seeing this, a wounded Sturm accepted that they were going to die and asked Lesk to stop helping him walk. She refused to surrender however and forced Sturm to continue moving, as the Daemons fell upon anyone they came across. When Daemon hounds found their scent and began tracking them, a desperate Lesk looked around for a place for them to hide. Luckily she spotted a ship nearby and happily told Sturm they were going to survive after all. When they reached the ship however, Lesk could find no way to get aboard it and was soon forced to place Sturm next her, as the hounds closed in on them[2f]. The Daemons then attacked, but though it appeared their end was near, Sturm saw a bright flash and when he able to see, the Daemons were gone and Lesk was passed out on the ground. As Sturm helped the Whiteshield to her feet, their salvation arrived in the form of the Space Wolf Skarp-Hedin, who entered into the ship near them. Though he refused at first, they convinced Skarp-Hedin to allow them aboard and they all escaped the Cadian System aboard the Strike Cruiser[2g] Stiklestad.[2h]

Due to a Warp mishap though, the Strike Cruiser emerged into the Chaos invaded Agripinaa System and then joined Admiral d'Armitage's forces in the Battle of Faith's Anchorage[2h]. In the battle's aftermath, the Space Wolves transported Sturm and Lesk to Admiral d'Armitage's flagship, Grand Alliance[2i], and both later journeyed to Terra aboard the Emperor Class Battleship Pax Imperialis[2j]. Sometime afterwards, Sturm was promoted to Colonel and before the needs of the Imperium separated them, Sturm gifted a Combat Knife to Lesk who had since become a Guardsman.[1]

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