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A Ratling sniper lies in wait.[3]

Ratlings (Homo Sapiens Minimus)[7] are small abhumans, which are recruited into the Imperial Guard as Snipers.


Ratlings are the smallest type of abhuman, their ancestors having become stunted by thousands of years of inbreeding on worlds with naturally soporific climates and abundant harvests.[2]

Ratlings are short and squat, although not strong. They are idle, hedonistic, gregarious, over-friendly and sexually promiscuous. Their lives are spent eating until sick, drinking copious amounts of intoxicating liquids, and procreating uncontrollably. These small, loud, hungry and lecherous creatures are called Runtlings, Stunties, Halflings, Maggots and Ratlings, among other things.[2]

Ratling Sniper


Ratling home worlds are self-sufficient and agricultural (often - Agri Worlds or Feudal Worlds), and the hedonistic and unambitious nature of Ratlings means that these worlds do not progress beyond a medieval level of civilisation.[4]

Known Ratling home worlds include Ornsworld and Sigma-Agrius.[Needs Citation]

Ratlings in the Imperial Guard

Although Ratlings make generally poor warriors, the Imperium still has a use for them, and they are often recruited into the Imperial Guard as snipers, one of the battlefield roles in which they excel. In this role they operate independently of the rest of the Imperial Guard force, and are equipped with sniper rifles and flak armour.[1]

Ratlings are also well known for their culinary abilities and often serve as cooks off the battlefield. Some Ratlings take advantage of their position as company cooks to acquire extra supplies to sate their voracious appetites. Others extend these benefits to their foster regiments for a price, their kitchens serving as fronts for their illegal activities. Their abilities as fences, thieves and black marketeers find them acceptance from the men they serve alongside, as they offer a wide range of goods, from extra rations, to drugs and alcohol, and even non-standard issue weapons common amongst veteran soldiers.[1][3]

Ratlings of Note

Known Ratling Units


Ratling Snipers (5th edition) - valued both for their stealth and accuracy, but little else


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