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Ravasch Cario

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Ravasch Cario was the Prefector of the Palatine Blades of the Emperor's Children during the Horus Heresy. Unlike many within his Legion, Cario was largely uncorrupted and did not embrace the powers of Chaos after Isstvan III, though he often heard daemonic whispers in his mind and knew the day drew near. A master swordsman under the command of Consul Azael Konenos, Cario wished to find the ultimate opponent before he was inevitably corrupted.[1a]

That opponent emerged in the form of White Scars Captain Shiban Khan when the two clashed during the ambush of the Scars by the Emperor's Children at a traitor supply ship convoy. The two proved evenly matched, but as traitor forces closed in Shiban managed to escape, infuriating Cario. Cario trained to face Shiban again, and the opportunity quickly presented itself again during the Battle of Catallus. This time, Cario bested Shiban but as he was about to lay the finishing blow, he was overcome by Daemonic corruption due to the actions of Apothecary Von Kalda. As he body began to mutate into the form of the Daemon that possessed it, Cario urged that Shiban kill him, a request the Khan obliged.[1b]