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Raven Fighter

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Raven Fighter modelled by Will Hayes from Forge World[2]

The Raven Fighter is a Dark Eldar Strike Fighter.[1] It is armed with two Dark Lances and one long-barrelled Splinter Cannon.[2]

Some Dark Eldar raiding forces have noticed the extreme vulnerability of their light-weight transport skimmers, the Raiders. Therefore they have utilised Raven Fighters to support advancing Raiders by destroying tanks with their dark lances. After all tanks which might interrupt advancing of Raiders are destroyed, Raven Fighters start to use their splinter cannons to pound enemy infantry positions.[Needs Citation]

Ravens are sometimes fielded in squadrons, each containing at least three fighters, known as Raven Murder Squadrons.[4]

Technical Information

Technical Information[3]
Length 9.18m
Height 3.6m
Wingspan 11.62m
Estimated Weight 4 tonnes empty
Armour Unknown
Max Recorded Speed No records
Crew 1 pilot
Armament Twin-Linked Dark Lances, 1 x long-barrelled Splinter Cannon
Main Ammunition Unknown
Payload Unknown