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Raven Guard Armoury

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This is a list of Raven Guard- specific wargear (ie. Character-specific items or other non-standard wargear).


Weapon Name Weapon Type Notes Source
Blackout artificer bolt pistol Wielded by Chapter Master Kayvaan Shrike [6]
Ebonclaws Lightning Claws
Fractal Harrow-Blade Monomolecular Sword Relics of the Xeric tribes of Terra [3]
Ex Tenebris Bolter Said to be forged by Corvus Corax [5]
Nihilus Sniper Rifle Wielded by best marksman of the 10th Company's Sergeants [5]
Oppressor's End Combat Knife
"Raven Pattern" Shotgun Shotgun Used by the Deathwatch in the Jericho Reach [2b]
Raven's Talons Lightning Claws Wielded by Chapter Master Kayvaan Shrike [1]
The Shadow in the Sky Power Sword In the possession of the Deathwatch at Watch Fortress Erioch [2c]
Silentus Pistol Bolt Pistol
Swiftstrike and Murder Lightning Claws [5]


Name Type Notes Source
Armour of Shadows Power Armour [5]
Shadowmaster Cloak Stealth Cloak
The Sable Armour Power Armour Worn by Corvus Corax [4]


Relics and Equipment
Name Type Notes Source
Korvidari Bolts Bolter rounds
Helmet Picter Picter [2a]
Raven's Fury Jump Pack [5]
Raven Skull of Korvaad [5]
Sable Heraldry Heraldry
  • The Ravenclaw
  • Raven Calvaria
Shards of Isstvan Relics
Wings of the Raven Jump Pack [2d]


Name Type Notes Source
Darkwing Storm Eagle [4]
Shadowhawk Thunderhawk [4]
Whispercutter Stealth Transport [4]

Psychic Abilities

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