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Ravener Alpha

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A Ravener Alpha[1a]

The Ravener Alpha is a member of the Ravener genus of Tyranid, engineered for fast surprise assaults and the leading of the surrounding swarm.


Greater in strength, resilience and intelligence than its more common counterpart, the Ravener, its main purpose is tunneling under enemy lines to open up strategic tunnels for other elements of the swarm to use.[1a] With biomorphs almost rivaling those of the larger Synapse creatures,[1b] it fulfills a battlefield role similar to the Tyranid Prime. It is also the only variant of the Ravener capable of Synaptic support.[1c]

Basic Information

Ordo Xenos
Departmento Analyticus Record
Designation Ravener Alpha
First encountered Typhon
Role Subterranean assault/Leader
Main Weaponry Fangs and claws
Secondary Weaponry Devourer[1d]
Tertiary Weaponry Tail
Threat evaluation High

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