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Ravenwing Talonmaster

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Ravenwing Talonmaster in Land Speeder[2]

Ravenwing Talonmasters are specialised Lieutenant ranks, that the Dark Angels introduced to the Ravenwing Company following Lord Commander Guilliman's revision of the Codex Astartes.[1]

Unlike the Lieutenants in the chapter's other companies, the Talonmasters' roles have been modified to meet the needs of the Ravenwing and they are charged with directing the company's firepower in battle. Riding in Land Speeders that have been outfitted with additional Auspex Scanners and Vox-casting mechanisms, Talonmasters ensure that even foes hiding in the densest of terrain are spotted, and have their coordinates vox-cast out to all of the Ravenwing's units. Although they are considered officers within the Company, however, the Talonmasters are ranked below the Ravenwing's Black Knights, and none, as of yet, have been initiated into the Inner Circle.[1]

The Talonmaster rank has also been added to all Unforgiven Chapters that have companies similar to the Ravenwing.[1]