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Razorwing Jetfighter

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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the Dark Eldar Jetfighter; for the other uses, see Razorwing.
Razorwing Jetfighter

The Razorwing is a supersonic flyer employed by the Dark Eldar.[1a]


The Razorwing is named after the winged-lifeform of the Syros Subsector Deathworlds.[2] It is of a similar design to the Nightwing fighter utilised by the Craftworld Eldar.[Needs Citation]

The Razorwing has an impressive weapons layout for a vehicle of its size, typically being armed with twin-linked Splinter Rifles, two wing-mounted Dark Lances and four missiles. Razorwing pilots are highly skilled at high-speed combat, generally having come from the ranks of the most elite Reaver Jetbike riders.[1a]

Missile Types

The Razorwing can be equipped with one of several types of missile; known types include:

  • Monoscythe missiles - designed to release a wave of energy at head-hight upon impact, decapitating nearby foes[1a]
  • Necrotoxin missiles - Filled with deadly neuropoisons, it fires shards of toxic shrapnel when it detonates, killing and pinning the enemy[1a]
  • Shatterfield missiles - has two separate detonation chambers, the first one sucks away all warmth, turning the foe into ice-like statues. The second one sends out a powerful force that blows the brittle enemy to pieces.[1b][1c]


A Razorwing Jetfighter[3]


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