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Realm of Chaos

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Realm of Chaos was a two-part series of books; the first published in 1988, the second in 1990. The books are part of Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader (First Edition). The works discuss the four deities of Chaos and the various aspects of Chaos and the Warp. The books were designed for both Warhammer 40,000 and Warhammer Fantasy. This information has since been superseded, but still forms the basis for later background in Third and Fourth Editions, inspiring the Horus Heresy novels and the Liber Chaotica set of books.

Slaves to Darkness discusses the nature of Khorne and Slaanesh. The Lost and the Damned was its companion book, dealing with Nurgle and Tzeentch.

Slaves to Darkness

Targetdrone.gif This article is about the Supplement background book. For other uses of Slaves to Darkness, see Slaves to Darkness (disambiguation).
Realms of Chaos : Slaves to Darkness[2]
Realms of Chaos Slaves to Darkness FCover.jpg
Author(s) Bryan Ansell, Mike Brunton, Simon Forrest
Editor(s) Games Workshop
Cover Artist John Sibbick
Illustrator(s) Ian Miller, Tony Ackland, John Blanche, Gary Harrod, Stephen Tappin, Tony Hough, Russ Nicholson, Paul Campbell, Gary Chalk
Released 1988
Pages 279
ISBN 1 869893 51 4


Inquisitor Thrax, Dark and Dangerous is the World, What this Book Contains, How to Use Realm of Chaos, the Spread of Chaos
The Powers of Chaos
The Marcher Fortress, Chaos Pantheon, The Powers of Chaos (Slaanesh, Khorne), Daemons, Daemon Names, The Servants of Khorne (Bloodthirsters, Bloodletters, Fleshhounds, Juggernauts), The Servants of Slaanesh (Keeper of Secrets, Daemonettes, Fiends, Mounts of Slaanesh)
The Followers of Chaos (Warhammer Fantasy)
The Inevitable City, The Road to Power, Starting Profiles, The Rewards of Chaos, The Rewards of the Gods, The Fate of a Champion of Chaos (Becoming a Chaos Spawn, a Daemon, a Champion, or a Skeleton Champion), The Retinue of a Chaos Champion, Point Values and Followers of Chaos, Creating "Instant" Daemon Princes and Chaos Spawn, Champions of Chaos and Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay
The Magic of Chaos (Warhammer Fantasy)
The Drifting Castle, Introduction, Summoning Daemons, Daemonic Saving Throws, Servants of Chaos and Magic, Spells of the Chaos Gods, Chaos Weapons, Daemon Weapons, Chaos Magic Items, Familiars
The Mark of Chaos (Warhammer Fantasy)
The Vale of Creatures, Introduction, Personal Chaos Attributes, Dominant Attributes
Colours of Chaos (Eavy Metal)
The Colours of Chaos, Champions and Warbands
Hordes of Chaos (Warhammer Fantasy)
The Bastion Stair, Introduction, Battles in the Chaos Wastes, Daemonic Legions, Legions of Khorne, Legions of Slaanesh, Auxiliaries, Armies of Chaos, Armies of Khorne, Armies of Slaanesh
Dark Millennium (Warhammer 40k)
The Tree of Souls, Chaos and Warpspace, Daemons in Warhammer 40,000, Summoning Daemons, Possession, Chaos Renegades, The Traitor Legions, The Ordo Malleus, Dark Millennium Army Lists, The World Eaters Army List, The Emperor's Children Army List, The Black Legion Army List, The Ordo Malleus Army List

The Lost and the Damned

Targetdrone.gif This article is about the Supplement background book. For other uses of The Lost and the Damned, see The Lost and the Damned (disambiguation).
Realms of Chaos : The Lost and the Damned[1]
Realms of Chaos The Lost and the Damned FCover.jpg
Author(s) Rick Priestley, Bryan Ansell
Editor(s) Games Workshop
Cover Artist Les Edwards
Illustrator(s) Ian Miller, Tony Ackland, Paul Benson, Colin Dixon, Mark Craven, Andy Currie, Wayne England, Dave Gallagher, Mark Gibbons, Jes Goodwin, Steve Hutton, Martin McKenna, Jamie Sims, Adrian Smith, SMS, Bill Thornhill, Kevin Walker, Gary Harrod, Stephen Tappin, Tony Hough
Released 1988
Pages 299
ISBN 1 869893 52 2


The Siege of Praag
  • The Magic of Nurgle (Warhammer Fantasy)
  • The Magic of Tzeentch (Warhammer Fantasy)
Champions of Chaos
  • Chaos Rewards Table, Gifts of Nurgle, Gifts of Tzeentch
Narrative Campaigns
Chaos Monoliths
The Dark Tongue
  • Chaos Runes, Phonetic Runes
The Lesser Powers of Chaos
  • Daemonic Attribute Table, The Pantheon of Kweethul
'Eavy Metal
Chaos Warbands, Beastmen, Centaurs, Minotaurs, Dragon Ogres, Undead Champions
The Eye of Terror
Chaos Cults
The Emperor
The Star Child
The Armies of Chaos
The Chaos Army of Nurgle, The Chaos Army of Tzeentch
Daemon Legions of Chaos
  • Daemon Legions of Nurgle, Daemon Legions of Tzeentch
Chaos Renegades
  • Chaos Renegades of Nurgle, Chaos Renegades of Tzeentch
This section summarises all the most important charts and tables from both volumes of Realm of Chaos.


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