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Red Angel

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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the Daemon Prince. For other uses of Red Angel, see Red Angel (disambiguation).
The Red Angel[1]

The Red Angel is a Daemon of Chaos which during the Horus Heresy possessed the body of Apothecary Meros of the Blood Angels during the Battle of Signus Prime. The daemon was formed from the distilled rage of Brother-Captain Tagas, who had been believed lost on Murder[2a], which formed sentience in the process.[2b] First Chaplain Erebus had planned to have Sanguinius become the daemon's host[2c], with Kyriss the Perverse offering to free the Blood Angels of the Red Thirst forever if Sanguinius took the ragefire into himself, but Meros instead sacrificed himself so that Sanguinius would not. The act freed the Blood Angels of the rage that had befallen them, but only a fraction of Meros remained alive, enough to tormented by his decision. The Red Angel admitted that the Chaos Gods had underestimated Sanguinius's resolve, but the Great Angel vowed that Meros would be spared one day, for no Blood Angel would die in silence[2b].

After departing Signus Prime, the Red Angel was presented to Warmaster Horus Lupercal aboard the Vengeful Spirit by Erebus, who was infuriated that Horus had interfered with his plans to turn the Blood Angels out of concern that Sanguinius would threaten his dominance of the Traitor Legions. Horus asked who he was, and the daemon responded that his past no longer mattered, but that he was a weapon at Horus's command, a statement that met with the Warmaster's approval. When the daemon named itself the Red Angel, Horus's equerry Maloghurst warned that Angron, who had taken that epithet in the past, would be gravely insulted, and the Red Angel said that if the Primarch of the World Eaters took offense, he could challenge the daemon, claiming he deserved it far more than Angron.[2c]

Later, during the Battle of Molech, the Red Angel was used by Horus as a guide inside the planet's hidden Warp gate in his bid to obtain the powers of the Emperor.[3]