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Red Seraphs

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Red Seraphs
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Founding Chapter: Blood Eagles (Blood Angels lineage)[3]
Founding: N/A; splinter faction of the Blood Eagles[3]

The Red Seraphs are a Space Marine Chapter.[1] They are part of the Triarchy.[3]


The Red Seraphs are not a traditional Founding Chapter, as they emerged in a murderous civil war which tore the Blood Eagles Chapter apart. Alongside another splinter faction, the Angels Numinous, they represent the survivors of the Blood Eagles. Despite this background, both the Red Seraphs as well as Angels Numinous upheld the ancient vows of their parent chapter, including their membership in the Triarchy.[3]

They are known to employ the 'Iron Cyclone' Dreadnought Drop Pod assault maneuver, first employed by the Black Templars in the Aegisine Crusade.[1]

Known Engagements

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