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Red Stars Campaign

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The Red Stars Campaign was a battle fought by the Dark Angels from 732.M33 to 822.M33. In a series of wars, the mineral-rich Kulgotha system was scoured by Xenos and claimed by the Imperium. The Dark Angels took part in many battles, including the entire chapter in the climatic battle of Vermilac Prime.[1]


In desperation to cut the head off a rising Ork Waaagh! the entire Dark Angels Chapter was deployed en masse. It was their hope that the Deathwing could draw out and destroy the Ork Warboss Zogax da Great before the Space Marines were overwhelmed by the green tide. Alas, these hopes were dashed when Zogax’s Meks deployed some sort of jamming device that prevented the Deathwing from teleporting down anywhere near the Warboss’ vicinity. Defiant, Supreme Grand Master Alloken led his own command squad and the 3rd Company in an attempt to cut through the heavily armoured bodyguard of Warboss Zogax. However, aided by all manner of hulking mechanised fighting machines, the Orks proved too powerful. The Dark Angels’ impetus was all but spent by the time Alloken appeared before the chainaxe-wielding Ork Warboss. Tragically, the Supreme Grand Master was cut down, but as Zogax reached down to claim the Lion Helm for his own, his hand was vaporized by a bolt of plasma. Howling in anger and surprise, the towering Ork Warboss looked up just in time to take a rapid volley of bolt pistol shots through both his good eye and his bionically enhanced one. Even devoid of the back part of his huge cranium and the majority of his brains, Zogax fought on for a few more moments before he fell, twitching.[2]

Cypher appeared, spinning in a circle while his twin guns blazed away. The plasma pistol was powerful enough to melt holes through the thick plating that covered the Mega Nobz, while his bolt pistol shots struck more vulnerable points, such as joints or the Orks’ open-faced helms. Many went down beneath that cavalcade of fire, spouts of Ork blood, steam and black oil jetting out from the collapsed piles of blocky armour. Holstering both pistols, Cypher dragged Alloken and his treasured artifacts to a nearby trench, then sprinted off even as the nearest Dark Angels closed in. Ignoring the remaining Orks, the Dark Angels concentrated fire on the robed figure, but he was soon hidden behind the smoking hulks of wrecked vehicles. Within moments, the forcefield jamming device that prevented the Deathwing from teleporting down was nullified and the 1st Company arrived to secure victory.[2]

Of Cypher, no further signs could be found.[2]