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Redeemed (Short Story)

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Author James Swallow
Publisher Black Library
Series Blood Angels
Released 2011

Redeemed is a Blood Angels short story by James Swallow.

Cover Description

Returning the Spear of Telesto to Baal after the conclusion of the Blood Angels civil war, newly-promoted Sergeant Rafen finds himself the subject of Astorath the Grim's attentions. The mysterious high chaplain suspects that Rafen has fallen foul of the Chapter's curse, the Black Rage, and will go to any lengths to prove it, even if that leads to Rafen's death.


In the aftermath of the events of Deus Sanguinius, the newly-promoted Sergeant Rafen returns to Baal, and insists on accompanying the Spear of Telesto to its resting place in the Regio Quinquaginta-Unus the Blood Angels' Armoury, located at some distance from the main fortress-monastery.

While there, Rafen is accosted by High Chaplain Astorath, who knows all that has happened to Rafen, and suspects him of succumbing to the Black Rage — especially since the Spear, originally possessed by Sanguinius, responds to The Flaw, and it did so for Rafen on Sabien. Under the pretense of a renewed Word Bearers assault on the Regio, Astorath lures Rafen to a remote part of the facility, then attacks him. Rafen defends himself, refusing to give in to the Rage.

Astorath goads him, but Rafen remains calm, casting aside his weapons and saying that, if Astorath kills him now, he will not be putting down a Battle-brother lost to the Rage, but committing cold-blooded murder of a loyal Angel. Astorath stays his hand, and departs the Regio, giving Rafen leave to rejoin the Chapter. Before leaving, however, he sadly warns Rafen that the High Chaplain has sensed the Rage in him, and one day Rafen will inevitably fall to it.