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Reductus Saboteur

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Reductus Saboteur[2]

Reductus Saboteurs are a type of third-generation[3] Genestealer Hybrid, that specialize in planting explosives on a battlefield before their foes step foot on it.[1]

The culmination of a Genestealer Cult's accumulated explosive knowledge, the Reductus Saboteur is a genius when it comes to improvised explosive devices and incendiaries. They have a compulsive drive to tinker and perfect their craft until they’re able to produce deadly chemicals from even the most rudimentary components. To that end, they’re constantly on the lookout for suitable material, scouring toxic sumps and servitor graveyards* for discarded ingredients to scavenge. A Reductus Saboteur will usually spend their days manufacturing every kind of explosive that the cult may need for the coming planned revolt, from mass-produced blasting charges to arm the hordes of hybrids, to ingeniously constructed booby traps and remotely detonated munitions.[2]

Known Reductus Saboteurs


Reductus Saboteur[1]


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