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Reef Stars

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The Reef Stars is a linear constellation in the Imperium. Crossing it through the Warp would take approximately three and a half years, according to Sergeant Priad of the Iron Snakes[1a].

The Reef Stars include several inhabited worlds, including Ithaka[1a], Baal Solock[1a], Rosetta[1b], Eidon[1c], Ceres[1d], Iorgu[1e], Ganahedarak[1f], and Naxos[2].

In addition to any undertakings on behalf of the wider Imperium, the Iron Snakes' self-appointed duty is to police the Reef Stars from the threats of xenos invasion and Chaos infiltration[1g][1h][1i]. In this endeavour, their most persistent enemies are the Dark Eldar, which have always tried to undermine the Imperium in that region[1h].