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Reflection in Blood (Short Story)

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Reflection in Blood
Cover art by Milan Nikolic
Author James Swallow
Publisher Black Library
Series Blood Angels
Preceded by Bloodline (Short Story)
Released 8th December 2014
Pages 5
Collected in The Complete Rafen Omnibus
Editions 2014 eShort
ISBN: 978-1-78251-846-4

Reflection in Blood is a short story by James Swallow, featuring the Blood Angels and Knights of Blood. It was released in December 2014 as part of the Black Library Advent Calendar.

Black Library Description

"A squad of Blood Angels, commanded by Brother-Sergeant Rafen, face off against a group of Space Marines from the Knights of Blood, sons of Sanguinius declared renegade by the Imperium. The traitors offer a gift to their parent Chapter, but can the Blood Angels trust anything that they provide?" [1]


On a nameless moon, Brother-Sergeant Rafen and his squad parley with representatives of the Knights of Blood, a Renegade Blood Angels Successor. Returning the Battleplate and Gene-seed of a fallen Blood Angels squad, the Knights, led by the Librarian Ser Koth, determine whether the Blood Angels are still worthy of the stewardship of Baal.[2]


On the orders of Dante, Brother-Sergeant Rafen's squad travel to a nameless moon for a tense parley with the Renegade Chapter, the Knights of Blood.[2a] With animosity and accusations on both sides, Rafen converses with his counterpart, the Librarian Ser Koth. As a gesture of goodwill, the Knights of Blood repatriate Battleplate and Gene-seed recovered from a Blood Angels squad which perished fighting Orks[2b] . A thankful Rafen subsequently has his mind probed by Ser Koth, who then assures other (previously hidden) Knights of Blood that the Blood Angels are still worthy stewards of Baal. [2c]


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