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Refractor field

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A Refractor Field Generator[2]

A refractor field generator is a small device which projects a protective energy field around the user. Its effect is to disperse the energy of an incoming shot or blow over the total area of the field.[1]


The field, although less reliable than that of a rosarius, can stop even the powerful projectiles such as lascannon and plasma hits.

Refractor fields are uncommon, and within the Imperial Guard, are used only by officers and enginseers.[Needs Citation]

The White Scars are also known to use them, with the Souldrinkers (a unique close-combat unit) being equipped with them.[Needs Citation]

A much more rare variation of this technology is the Reductor Field, which, rather than try to stop projectiles, tries to cushion their impact to a point where they are of no danger to the wearer. Commissar Yarrick is known to wear one.[Needs Citation]

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