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Regulus (Dark Mechanicum)

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Regulus was the Mechanicum representative to Warmaster Horus and the 63rd Expedition during the Great Crusade.[1]


After being swayed with promises of STC's from the Aurelian Technocracy, he pledged the Mechanicum's service to Horus. Shortly before the Isstvan III campaign, Regulus was dispatched by Horus to Mars and assisted in swaying the Fabricator-General Kelbor-Hal to the Warmaster's Side. Later, Regulus returned to Mars with a daemonic virus, aiding Kelbor-Hal's forces in the Schism of Mars.[2][3]

Regulus led a force of Sons of Horus sent to gain access to the Wrought, a weapons cache maintained by Vulkan during the Great Crusade. Although he discovered the vault, he was unable to gain access[4a] until he infected the Forgefather T'kell with a malicious scrap-code and forced him to open it from the inside.[4b] The Iron Father Kastigan Ulok intervened to defeat the Sons of Horus, having tracked Regulus to the system hunting the 'prime' Regulus that controlled his many facsimiles.[4c] Understanding that he had no hope of survival with the arrival of the Iron Hands' Battle Barge in-system, Regulus retreated to his sanctum to purge his data-core.[4d] Originally intending to take him alive to extract information, Ulok killed the adept instead - satisfied with the data he had managed to intercept which revealed the existence of the Artefacts of Vulkan, weapons he believed he could use to kill Horus.[4e]