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Rejuvenat Adept

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A Rejuvenat Adept

The Rejuvenat Adepts are Imperial medical specialists trained to prolong life.

Closely based on the Orders Hospitaller of the Adepta Sororitas, the Rejuvenant Adepts focus not only on healing but also on longevity and sham immortality. As a result, their talents are greatly sought after by the wealthy and powerful within the Imperium. They are found throughout many Imperial agencies, but are of special use to Rogue Traders whose voyages take decades or even centuries.[1]

Rejuvenat Adepts use complex programs of rejuvenat treatments, steroidal elixirs, and anti-thanators in their science, extending the lifespands of their patrons for centuries past their normal limit. Without theses specialized personnel, even the High Lords of Terra would die within a normal human lifespan.[1]

On the battlefield, Rejuvenat Adepts act as emergency surgeons, healing serious wounds and administering pain killers. While the members of the Orders Hospitaller takw vows of non-violence, this is not the case with Rejuvenant Adepts and they are armed with sharpened claws and Laspistols.[1]

Notable Rejuvenat Adepts