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Relief of Baudenvost

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The Relief of Baudenvost was a battle fought by the Imperial Guard in 216.M41.[1]


During fierce fighting on the world of Segrenstokh, Baudenvost City was surrounded by Khornate Chaos Cultists. Numbering in the thousands, the frothing tide hurled themselves against the Cadian defenders again and again. The Cadians garrisoned every building and blocked the enemy advance with walls of Bullgryns, but the sheer maddened rage of the Cultists carried them through every crossfire and over one line of barricades after another until the Imperial forces looked sure to fall. Yet relief arrived at the eleventh hour in the form of the Vostroyan 45th Regiment, who deployed Manticores and Deathstrike Missiles to purge the foe en masse. The death toll was horrific, but Baudenvost was saved.[1]