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Relief of Lastransa

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The Relief of Lastransa was a campaign by the Blood Angels after the formation of the Great Rift.[1]


The campaign began when Strike Force Aphorael braved a perilous journey through the warp in order to reach the Pendrakh System, answering a distress call from the world of Lastransa. There, they find the world beset by Traitor Guard who have begun a cannibalistic rampage across Lastransa's southern continent. Daemons of Khorne have followed in their wake.[1]

Using a masterful campaign of rapid-strike warfare with Primaris Space Marines at its heart, the Blood Angels devastate the traitors. Inceptors are used to destroy the traitor ritual sites and cut off their daemonic reinforcements while forces of Intercessors, Tactical Squads, Hellblasters, and Devastators deploy by Drop Pod to execute traitor leadership cadres. At the same time, Stormhawk Interceptors established air superiority, sweeping the skies clean of renegbade Valkyries while Land Raiders and Repulsors executed a charge into the enemy's rear lines. After three weeks of carnage, the morale of the traitors collapsed and they were crushed between the Blood Angels and remaining loyalist Imperial Guard.[1]