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Reliquary of Saint Helena

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The Reliquary of Saint Helena, is a reliquary that contains the relics of the Imperial Saint Helena.[1]


It was once held on Tathyan's Reach, but after the Great Rift's creation, the world was besieged by the hordes of the Sorrowsinger. During the subsequent War of Sorrows, however, the forces of Indomitus Crusade Fleet Quintus came to Tathyan's Reach aid. During the last days of the War, the Fleet's 884th Cadian Armoured Regiment broke through the Sorrowsinger's battle lines, in order to save the endangered Reliquary. After doing so, the Regiment then successfully endured a 315 mile journey, through territory held by the Sorrowsinger's hordes, to reach the Lamentation Gate Space Port. Thanks to the 884th Cadian's efforts, the Reliquary of Saint Helena was safely evacuated, though, its present location is unknown.[1]