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Remiel was a member of The Order, and later Dark Angels during the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy.[1]

A native of Caliban and a Master of The Order, Remiel was an elderly and respected training officer. Upon Caliban uniting with the growing Imperium of Man, and the formation of the Dark Angels legion, Remiel was accepted into the legion, despite being too old to undergo the process to become an Astartes. Remiel was offered basic physical augmentation and rejuvination treatments, such as was used to enhance Luther, however he refused. He was seen as the logical choice for the next Lord Cypher at the start of the Heresy, but Lion El'Jonson choose a younger and more obscure member of the Legion instead. Remiel stayed behind on Caliban with Luther during the Heresy.[1] When Luther and the Dark Angels on Caliban turned against the Imperium, Remiel was one of several who rebelled against Luther. Although the rebellion was swiftly crushed, Remiel managed to escape and go into hiding.[1a]