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Remora Drone Stealth Fighter

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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the Tau flyer; for the Warp entity, see Remora (Warp).
Remora Drone Stealth Fighter

The DX-6 "Remora" Drone Fighter is a stealth fighter Drone aircraft used by the Tau Empire.[1]

These machines were first encountered by the Imperium during a Tau raid on the penal mining colony of Typha-IV. They are designed to be a stealth craft, being equipped with a stealth field generator.[2]

Remoras fly in support of Pathfinder and Stealthsuit teams, and are armed with twin-linked long barrelled burst cannons for aerial combat, and two seeker missiles for ground attack. It is also armed with a Targeting Array and a networked markerlight. The Remora has a short range and is carried into battle underneath a modified Tiger Shark mothership, or in the back of a Manta, which controls data to the drone. These control aircraft from high above and play no part in the battle closer to the ground.[Needs Citation]

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