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Repulsor Executioner

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Repulsor Executioner[2]

The Repulsor Executioner is a new Primaris Space Marine vehicle.[1]


The Executioner is a variation of the Repulsor that combines maneuverability, flexibility and some of the heaviest firepower in the Age of the Dark Imperium. Inspired by the Razorback, the Repulsor sacrifices a portion of its transport capacity so as to house additional capacitors, plasma cells, ballistic cogitators, and other esoteric technologies. Though some chapters such as the Iron Hands and Aurora Chapter use Executioners as armored escorts for dedicated troop carriers, many others favor them as transports for Hellblasters and other Primaris specialist squads.[2]

It can carry to battle either an Macro plasma incinerator or Heavy laser destroyer, which allows it to shred infantry and armour alike with contemptuous ease. Should an enemy survive its attack, the Repulsor Executioner can also transport a squadron of Primaris Space Marines. Like the Repulsor, Executioners can discharge directed forces of gravitic force through their ventral plates. This ability is usually used right before their passengers disembark, leaving foes helpless as Primaris Marines leap from their transports' hatches to deliver kill-shots.[2]


Repulsor Executioner

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