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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the Sisters of Battle Squad; for the Space Marine Chapter, see Retributors.
Retributor Squad[4]

Retributors are the heavy weapon and close range support specialists of the Sisters of Battle.


It usually will take years for a Sister to advance to the respected rank of Retributor. These warriors are the most level-headed, imperturbable, and determined of all their kind. They are also amongst their Order's finest sharpshooters. To this end they are assigned the responsibility of providing targeted fire support for their advanced sisters. As such, they are typically armed with Heavy Bolters, Multi-Meltas, or Heavy Flamers. These weapons, combined with their ability to identify enemy weak points and optimal firing solutions, makes them devastating in combat. They typically press forward in battle, serving as anti-tank and anti-fortification infantry. The more aggressive Orders, such as the Order of the Argent Shroud, often send Retributor squads forwards in armored transports.[4]

Retributors believe the Emperor himself guides their aim yet are the most logical and level-headed of all the Sororitas, a trait that serves them well on the battlefield as they prioritize and dispatch their targets with calm efficiency.[2]


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