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Rhyloor was an Autarch of the Craftworld Saim-Hann and a member of its Moirec Wild Rider Clan. He was present when Saim-Hann's Eldar discovered that an unfolding disaster could strike the Imperium world, Vigilus. This was caused by the Imperial demagogue Vannadan who, in the wake of the Great Rift's creation, had secretly convinced thousands of the world's citizens to turn to heresy and embrace the Chaos Gods. In order to spare Vigilus from the disaster Vannadan would bring about, the Craftworld chose Rhyloor to lead a strike force, to the world and assassinate the demagogue before this could happen. Under his leadership, the strike force succeeded in killing Vannadan and a large number of his followers, but in their arrogance, Saim-Hann had not warned Vigilus' leadership of what they had intended. And for a world that had suffered numerous attacks by the Dark Eldar, this was seen as yet another raid by the deviant Xenos. In response to the attack, the Tempestus Scions of the 47th Antrell Lions were sent to kill the strike force and the Eldar sensed the Lions' presence just as they were preparing to return to their Craftworld.[1a]

The Autarch quickly intended to have the strike force fight their way through the Lions, but his kinsmen, the Spiritseer Qelanaris, convinced him they could leave without any unnecessary bloodshed with the Imperium and the Spiritseer tried to talk with the Tempestus Scions. However the Lions' Tempestor Prime, Maxim Volgonne, had gone to battle against the Dark Eldar numerous times and did not know the difference between them and the Craftworld Eldar. Nor was he interested in learning and soon gave the order to open fire upon the Saim-Hann Eldar. This resulted in nearly the entire strike force being killed, including Autarch Rhyloor who died while shielding Qelanaris from the Lion's fire. When Volgonne gave the order to cease fire, the area where the Lions had launched their attack was left in ruins and he gave the order to withdraw, after he was sure the Eldar had all been slain. This was not the case though, as a small number of the strike force had survived, including Qelanaris and the Spiritseer ordered them to collect their dead's Spirit Stones, before they made their escape[1a]. In the wake of this massacre, Saim-Hann sought revenge for the lives that were lost and a vengeful Qelanaris led another strike force to destroy Vigilus.[1b]