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Right of Settlement

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The Right of Settlement is the reward Imperial Guard Regiments are promised for years of successful service. When the Rights to Settlement are invoked for a regiment, a recently conquered or colonized world is theirs by right. With Rights of Settlement, the commanding officer of the regiment often becomes the new Planetary Governor. It is roughly common practice for choice staff to be given prominent positions within the government for their service, and with these new roles filled, younger officers move up and accept higher positions within the Guard regiment, which in turn becomes the planet's first Planetary Defense Force. The regiment is then reclassified by the Departmento Munitorium, based on the name of the planet.[1x]

The Right of Settlement is hard-earned, requiring a minimum of a decade of successful service.[1a] Extraneous circumstances can delay the Right of Settlement, such as the Sabbat Worlds Crusade or extreme demand for Imperial troops in the sector.[Needs Citation]

The Right of Settlement was particularly sought-after by the Tanith First and Only, as their homeworld of Tanith was destroyed by the forces of Chaos.[3a][3b]

Notable Settled Regiments