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Ripper Whip

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A Ripper Whip catches a prey.[1]

Possibly the most infamous inhabitant of Kenov III, Ripper Whips are strange tree-like animals.[1]


Easily 7 meters in height, large specimens can reach upwards of 20 meters, although this is rare. They tend to cluster in small groves, and can be detected simply by the clearings around each trunk.[1]

The trunk of a Ripper Whip hides a powerful maw, lined with thick thorn-like teeth, this circular opening is found near the crown, where the various feeding tentacles branch off. Covered in thorns, these tentacles are lined with small mouths surrounded by short hooks, and will start to devour anything caught in them as the Whip drags its prey back to the trunk.[1]

An ambush predator, Ripper Whips tend to remain quiescent until something strays within reach of their tentacles. Once this happens the Ripper Whip will explode into a flurry of activity, lashing out with its tentacles in order to securely immobilize prey. As Ripper Whips tend to cluster in small groves, an attempt to escape from one will often result in the victim blundering into range of another.[1]

Ripper Whips can also move, slowly making their way across the Kenov surface in search of new hunting grounds. Evidence shows Ripper Whips will cooperate to take down large prey.[1]