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Ritual of Becoming

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Targetdrone.gif Becoming redirects here. For the short story by Andy Clark, see Becoming (Short Story).

The Ritual of Becoming is a key event in the training of an Imperial Knight.[1]

When a Noble of a Knight House reaches their 18th year, they must undergo the Ritual of Becoming, an event that is viewed with great honour and solemnity. Inside the house's sanctuary, they are connected to one of the vacant Throne Mechanicum. They are then left, typically for a full night, alone. The young aspirant must wrestle with the energies of the Throne Mechanicum, attempting to imprint their psyche upon it without being overwhelmed by its cerebral engrams in turn. Sometimes the process is enough to drive the aspirant mad, other times they are killed outright. Those who survive are forever changed, their childhood left behind and the mantle of knighthood now resting heavily upon their shoulders.[1]