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Rogal Dorn Battle Tank

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A Rogal Dorn Battle Tank.[2]

The Rogal Dorn is an Astra Militarum Heavy Battle Tank that is named after the Primarch Rogal Dorn.[1]


The Rogal Dorn Tank is a behemoth of a vehicle, that is perfectly suited for smashing enemy positions and anchoring defensive lines. The Rogal Dorn's heavy armor also gives it durability worthy of the Primarch's name, while the Battle Tank's powerful engines ensure it doesn’t fall behind squadrons of Leman Russ Battle Tanks. Its turret mounts either two full-size battle cannons or an enormous oppressor cannon. The Rogal Dorn also mounts a deadly castigator gatling cannon or pulveriser cannon. The Battle Tank can be further augmented with a pair of heavy stubbers or meltaguns, while a pair of heavy bolter or multi-melta sponsons are mounted on its sides. There is also a pintle-mounted heavy stubber on its top.[1]

Known Rogal Dorn Battle Tanks



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