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Rogg is a Bullgryn whose Auxillia was attached to the Cadian 92nd when the Regiment was charged with protecting an Imperium city from an approaching Ork Waaagh!.

Complicating matters was the presence of Inquisitor Garric, who needed to be evacuated as he held vital information, and Rogg and his Auxillia were charged with escorting the Inquisitor to an approaching Valkyrie. However, despite the best efforts of the Regiment, the Orks of Warboss Nazgob reached the city and mayhem soon erupted. The Regiment's Captain, Guillaume, was killed by the Warboss and the Orks began rampaging throughout the city. This made protecting the Inquisitor increasingly difficult for Rogg, as they came under constant attack, but he stalwartly led his fellow Bullgryn, in killing any Orks that got in their way. Eventually, Rogg delivered Garric to the safety of the Valkyrie, but as soon as he did so, the Warboss Nazgob charged at them; intent on killing the Inquisitor. The Ork nearly succeeded in doing so, before Rogg barreled into the Warboss and caved his head in. With Nazgob dead, the Valkyrie was able to escape with the Inquisitor and the Cadian 92nd rallied together and defeated the Warboss' Waaagh!.[1]