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Rogue Trader Cruiser

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Rogue Trader Cruiser

Rogue Trader Cruisers refer to a variety of vessels operated by Rogue Traders. Not possessing the wealth or resources to build Cruiser class vessels themselves, Rogue Traders often rely on vessels built by others. Such vessels are often gifts to loyal and successful Rogue Traders from the Administratum or retired Imperial Navy ships. In exchange for such a gift, however, a Rogue Trader may be called upon to lead an expedition into uncharted space.[1]

Rogue Trader Vessels are unique, exotic ships. Often exhibiting many signs of the Traders own tastes and colonial adventures, they are subject to constant refit and adornment, much of it alien in origin. The business of a Rogue Trader can take him all over the galaxy and while his vessel's class may be common in its sector of origin, it may also be virtually unknown to other regions of the Imperium.[1]