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Rok of Ages

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The Rok of Ages is the name of a titanic planetoid the size of a small moon, used by the Orks as a mobile starship.


Originally, it was Ork held and drifted from one sector to another until the Orks had salvaged enough engine components from captured starships. Through the mining of the valuable minerals on its surface, the Mekboys were able to install massive engines onto its surface, allowing the Orks to steer the Rok — thus turning it from a rogue planetoid into a mobile starship. It has since moved across space with slow but deadly momentum.

At some point, the Orks controlling the Rok of Ages steered it towards the Imperium planet Meridian in an effort to smash the planetoid against the former Maiden World of the Eldar. In addition to their own forces, the Orks had allied themselves with the Chaos Space Marines. However, their plan was discovered by the Meridian Hive Ereone's augur stations.

As part of the defence of the planet, the Adeptus Mechanicus prepared the Ignis Deo, a Skylord-class missile capable of destroying the Rok of Ages. The Imperium also launched a counter attack to penetrate the surface of the Rok and plant nuclear charges that would destroy it, while the Orks and their allies attempted to make planetfall in order to disable the weapon batteries that would impede the progress of the Rok of Ages.


Clinging to engines at the rear of the Rok is an array of vast, lumpen refineries and industrial complexes, otherwise known as the "Enginetown". The industrial refineries in the area refine the crude oil drained from the crust of the planetoid. This region also converts energy rich Azurite crystals into the incredible levels of thrust generated by the Rok (principally by hitting them with giant hammers). These rare crystals magnify the energies of the stars and are seen as artefacts of wonder by the Eldar, while the crude Orks simply smash them into their furnaces.

Also present on its surface is the Realm of Fire, the base of operations for the Chaos worshippers on the Rok of Ages. It was originally an active volcano which was destroyed by a defensive laser shot from Hive Arcadia, leaving nothing behind but shifting islands of shattered rock drifting in a sea of magma. This area suited the Chaos Space Marines and their Daemonic allies who have since used it as their headquarters.

The interior of the Rok is rumored to be inhabited by strange things, even more deadly than the Orks' Chaos allies.

As is common amongst Ork Meks, the surface of the moon-sized ship contains a big gun known as the Rokker Cannon, the biggest weapon any of them have ever seen and capable of annihilating entire planetary regions.[1]



"Rok of Ages" is likely a nod to the Broadway Musical Rock of Ages