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Rokkit Launcha

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Typical Ork Rokkit Launcha[2]
Ahahahaha! Don't hold on to dat end of it!

Ork Tankbusta[12]

A Rokkit Launcha is the Ork analog to an Imperial Missile launcher.

Description and Variants

Rokkit Launchas probably spawned from an Ork's desire to make something explode, that wasn't within easy reach of a grenade.[11] It is a massive, but very simple weapon - usually a stout stick with a simple trigger mechanism[3a] or a tubular launcher with as many rokkits as Orks can get a hold of. Rokkits can be loaded one at a time, or loaded automatically from a magazine if the weapon is a bit more complex.[1] Orks can use it on the move with no noticeable loss of accuracy. Its simplicity makes it very easy to manufacture and it is a fairly common Ork special weapon. It is usually mounted on vehicles such as Warbuggyz or Killa Kans, but sometimes Ork Boyz equip themselves with Rokkit Launchas, that gives their mob the ability to shoot down armoured vehicles. It is also a primary weapon of Ork Tankbustas.[3c] Due to its simplicity, it is often combined with a Shoota to make a Kombi-Weapon.

Pokkit Rokkit Launcha

Some mekboyz create smaller versions of Rokkit Launchas, known as Pokkit Rokkit Launchas. These versions are one handed, keeping user's other hand free. They fire one rokkit at a time, but are more accurate than the standard Rokkit Launchas.[10]

Munitions Types

Though Ork Mekboys sometimes customise Rokkit Launchas with some unusual munitions, most of them fire simple Rokkits, the shorter-ranged Orkish variant of Krak Missiles. Ork Rokkits are crammed full of high explosives, and they tend to be unreliable, but usually are extremely effective.[11] They are also very loud - a big plus for any self-respecting Ork warrior.[1]

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