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Rokkit Pack

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Rokkit Packs are Ork devices that take the form of a bunch of rokkits strapped to an Ork's back, most commonly used in battle by Ork Stormboys.

Stormboys using their Rokkit Packs


Waaaaagh! from above!

Ork Stormboy[2]

They serve as the Ork equivalents of Jump Packs, although they are far less reliable. A Mek finds the sight of a malfunctioning rokkit pack very amusing and the sight of a Stormboy corkscrewing into the distance or plowing into the ground serves as a pretty common entertainment for his colleagues. Despite this, Stormboyz hope for the best while launching, with an accompanying shout of 'Ere we go!' as their rokkit packs produce great tongues of oily black smoke and flame, propelling them into the air.[1]

Famous Users

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