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An Imperial Rosarius.[3]

A Rosarius is an amulet which incorporates a powerful conversion field generator to defend the wearer from attack. A rare and highly prized piece of technology, it is also an icon of the Imperial Creed, and entrusted only to the highest officials of the Ecclesiarchy.[3]


The Rosarius takes the form of an amulet, often displaying the Aquila or a square, stylised cross of adamantium or other durable metal, with a jewel or Ecclesiarchy symbol in the centre. It is worn around the neck or waist on a sash, a cord, or a string of prayer beads.[3]

It contains a tiny conversion field generator, which emits a protective energy field around the wearer. The field's effect is to convert the energy of an impact into light. When the field stops a shot, a blinding flash of light is produced. The field is capable of rendering even plasma gun shots harmless.[3]

The rosarius is often referred to as the "soul's armour."[Needs Citation]

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