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Roscius was a Assault-Captain of the Ultramarines during the Horus Heresy.[1]

Assigned to the 933rd Expeditionary Fleet, he was not among those of his brothers who suffered betrayal at the Battle of Calth. After learning of the treachery, Roscius gathered forces and launched a guerrilla war against traitor forces in the Shadow Crusade. He captured the Sons of Horus Strike Cruiser Plutol a Segmentum away from Ultramar, and 6 weeks later used it to cripple a Death Guard Heavy Transport at Terrax. He also struck at a Dark Mechanicum refueling station at Yspouta. Eventually, Roscius and his forces of resistance grew to 3,000 Astartes drawn from four different Legions. The last known engagement he was engaged in was the Duthovan Blockade, where he sought to isolate traitor forces stranded on Duthovan by the Ruinstorm. Few on either side survived the battle.[1]