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The Rotbringer is a Death Guard Strike Cruiser that is commanded by the Lord of Contagion Felthius. It was originally part of the Emperor's Spears' fleet, until Felthius captured the Strike Cruiser during a battle; the Chapter has vowed vengeance for the act. Now remade in the image of Nurgle, the Rotbringer serves as the flagship for Felthius' fleet[1] and is currently taking part in the invasion of the Imperium world Korvon II. When an Ultramarines strike force aboard the Strike Cruiser Honour of Ultramar came to save the world, Felthius had the Rotbringer launch a surprise attack upon the Ultramar and then launched an invasion of the Cruiser. However, the strike force fought the invading Death Guard to a standstill; in order to overwhelm the Ultramarines, Felthius sent the Rotbringer to the Cruiser next, and began sending waves of reinforcements into the Honour of Ultramar.[2] The Ultramarines prevailed, though, and the Rotbringer was forced to pull away from the Cruiser, as the Honour of Ultramar moved to deploy its forces to Korvon II.[3]

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