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Rotor Cannon

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Rotor Cannons were weapons used by the Imperial Army and Space Marine Legions during the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy. These weapons were multi-barreled Stubbers, using electric motors to maintain an extremely high rate of fire from their spinning barrel. Their medium caliber-slugs lacked the power of Bolter shells, but nonetheless the sheer volume of them proved effective against unarmored hordes of foes and fleshy Xenos. Eventually, the more famous Space Marine Assault Cannon was developed from the Rotor Cannon.[1]

Their origins obscured by time, many patterns of weapon employed by the Space Marine Legions date back to the Dark Age of Technology or before. Simpler to produce than most heavy weaponry, Rotor Cannon found use in many Legion Tactical Support squads.[2]

Rotor Cannons are commonly carried by a Voidsman-At-Arms to augment the firepower of their squad. These weapons have earned a variety of nicknames such as: whirgun, deck-clearer, and the Emperor's chainsaw.[3]

Known Patterns

Proteus pattern

Main article: Proteus pattern

Unknown origin, in use since long before the coming of the Emperor and the Age of the Imperium.[2]

Nomus Pattern

Used by the Night Lords during the Horus Heresy.[4]