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Rubicon Primaris

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The Rubicon Primaris is a name given for an extensive operation that allows Firstborn Space Marines to be reborn as Primaris Space Marines.[1] The procedure is also called the Calgarisian Rites or the Calgar Procedure in honour of Marneus Calgar.[27][18c]


When the Primaris were revealed and introduced into the Adeptus Astartes Chapters, a debate began as to whether it was possible for a Space Marine to become one. And if so, was it morally right to do so and would the transformed Space Marine still retain his personality and experience? While the creator of the Primaris, Archmagos Cawl, confirmed the operation could be done, the data he had amassed suggested there would be a 61.6% failure rate until the process could be perfected. The lords of the Ultramarines Chapter decided that to ease the transition from centuries of Imperial tradition to a new order brought about by the Primaris the hypotheticals of the debate would have to be put into practice. Chapter Master Marneus Calgar then volunteered to be the first test subject of the Rubicon Primaris operation, which proved to be a success. This put an end to many debates about the procedure, as Calgar was still the warrior he always was, but now had the new strength and abilities of a Primaris.[1]

Any Space Marine who undergoes the the Rubicon Primaris must prepare for an extensive and agonizing operation. It is conducted by many surgeons and medical Servitors who will cut open the Space Marine from his crown to his heels. His ribcage will then cracked apart and – at the climax of the operation – the Space Marine's healing physiology suppressed to the point that his life will slip away. All this is done so that the three extra organs a Primaris contains can be safely implanted within the Space Marine's body. This includes the Magnificat, which is buried deep within the brain to stimulate growth and to intensify other organ functions, the Belisarian Furnace, which releases a burst of hypersteroids and corticostimulants when a mortal blow is dealt, so the Primaris may fight on, and the Sinew Coils, cable-like lengths of durasteel that encase every tendon and sinew in a metallic sheath that gives tremendous resilience and strength. When the organs are successfully implanted, the now deceased Space Marine's body is left rent and open to the air as his wounds are stitched closed. When the surgeons are done they electrify the Space Marine's heart in order to cause it to beat once more. If the Space Marine is then able to claw his way back from death his Belisarian Furnace will activate and awaken him as a newly created Primaris Marine.[1] Sinew Coils can simply be manufactured, as they are durasteel cybernetic implants, but the Magnificat and Belisarian Furnace are genuinely geneseed organs in their own right; it has never been clarified where the surgeons acquire compatible organs to implant in the patient.

By the last years of the Plague Wars, the procedure had become much safer and it was considered unusual if high-ranking Firstborn chose not to undergo the Rubicon Primaris.[18a][18b]

Space Marines known to have undergone the Rubicon Primaris

Aurora Chapter

Black Templars

Blood Angels

Dark Angels

Imperial Fists

Iron Hands


Raven Guard


Sons of Medusa

Space Wolves

Tome Keepers


White Scars