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Ruin of Morrigar

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The Ruin of Morrigar was a mysterious event and later full-scale battle between the Imperium of Man and Necrons on the Hive World of Morrigar.[1]


In 805.M41, battling Hive gangs on the Imperial Hive World of Morrigar accidentally awakened the Necron tombs hidden beneath the planet. All contact was lost with Morrigar shortly thereafter. When the Cadian 207th regiment arrived six months later, there was no trace of any inhabitants, human or otherwise.[1]

However, before the Cadians could leave the planet, the nomadic Necron Overlord Anrakyr the Traveller arrived. Assuming the humans were responsible for the apparent destruction of the Tomb World, he launched an attack that left his own forces decimated, but succeeded in eliminating the Cadian 207th.[1]