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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the warp storm; for the novel, see Ruinstorm (Novel).

The Ruinstorm was a warp storm that appeared from 007-011.M31[5] during the Horus Heresy, engineered by Lorgar to isolate loyalist forces. It was unleashed by Erebus during the Battle of Calth. The Ruinstorm was further grown and perfected by Lorgar due to the misery and bloodshed he unleashed in the Shadow Crusade. While it was active, the Warp was unnavigable to loyalist forces. Traitor forces could, however, navigate using secret passages known to Lorgar.[1]

Among the loyalist forces isolated by the Ruinstorm were the Blood Angels Legion, the majority of which was marooned in the Signus Cluster and cut off from communication with Baal.[2] The storm became so severe that Primarch Roboute Guilliman feared Terra lost and created his own auxiliary state, Imperium Secundus, as a safety measure. Only the Pharos allowed the loyalists to sail through the storm and regroup at Macragge.[3]

Following the Second Battle of Davin, the Ruinstorm began to weaken to the point where Rogal Dorn believed Guilliman could eventually arrive at Terra.[4]