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Ryse is a Cadian Warmaster, who led the Deucalion Crusade in the last decades of M41[1] and he also took part in the 13th Black Crusade.[2]


Ursarkar E. Creed served in the Deucalion Crusade and he drew the Warmaster's attention, after being responsible for a string of the Crusade's victories. This led Ryse to recognize Creed's brilliant tactical abilities and the Warmaster made him a General, despite many of the Crusade's upper command being against it, due to Creed's youth.[1]

Ryse would ultimately end the Deucalion Crusade, in order to bring his forces to the defense of Cadia as the 13th Black Crusade began. This included General Creed as well, and they were amongst the Imperial forces that gathered their might on the Fortress World's Tyrok Fields. It was at that time though, that the Volscani Cataphracts Regiments revealed they had joined the Chaos forces of Abaddon the Despoiler, and launched a devastating surprise attack. This began the Battle for Tyrok Fields, which saw many of Cadia's High Command slain by the Traitor Guard. While Warmaster Ryse took part in the Battle, it was Creed's leadership that allowed the Imperials to rally and defeat the Volscani. In the battle's aftermath, Ryse was among the few of Cadia's High Command to have survived, but he recognized that Creed had been the key to their success. It was for this reason, that the Warmaster refused to nominate himself, when the surviving High Command gathered to nominate Cadia's new Governor, following the deaths of Marus Porelska and Karwyn during the Battle. The majority of the High Command refused to nominate themselves for the position as well and this allowed General Creed to successfully petition them, to name him Lord Castellan of Cadia.[2]

Warmaster Ryse would continue to defend his Homeworld,[3b] but Cadia was eventually destroyed when Abaddon the Despoiler crashed a Blackstone Fortress into it. This set of a chain of events that doomed the Fortress World and the Imperial forces were ordered to evacuate before Cadia exploded.[3a] Ryse's fate remains unclear, though, as he was not amongst the survivors that escaped Cadia, nor did any of the survivors know what happened to the Warmaster.[3b]